Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Live Longmire: Boss Without a Badge

After I wrote my initial post, a couple of commenters pointed out that I missed a fan favorite supporting character and I'm rectifying that here. When a detective from Denver wanted to make an appointment to talk to the sheriff, Walt's response was simple: "Talk to Ruby. She runs my life." Ruby (Louanne Stephens) doesn't only run Walt's life; she's the dispatcher/receptionist that keeps the Absaroka County Sheriff's Department in order.

Ruby is a kind soul, everyone's favorite surrogate aunt. Her strongest appearance is the Season One episode "An Incredibly Beautiful Thing." Local gas station owner Ellis is found murdered in his store after calling Ruby for help. Ruby is distraught by her friend's death and takes it upon herself to write his obituary since he has no family to do so. Ruby also possesses a dry wit and humor of her own. Hoping Ruby and the rest find a new home soon!

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