Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 10 Quotes: "Young Guns II"

This was another popular post from the blog's previous incarnations:

1. Billy: I'll make ya famous!

2. (Chavez has just recited one of Doc's poems)
Doc: I never wrote that. I always meant to tell ya. William Shakespeare wrote it.

3. Arkansas Dave: (says variations of this line throughout the movie) You do know who I am, don't ya? I'm Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh. Ever hear of me? I killed 65 men, not countin' Mexicans and Indians.

4. Brushy Bill Roberts: I had small hands and big wrists and that has saved my life more times than Colonel Colt's Equalizer.

5. Jane: Patrick, I'm gonna part with a nasty secret. You used to make me hotter than a June bride sittin' bareback on a depot stove. But I don't share my bed with the law.
Garrett: And I don't keep with whores no more. So ain't we both content?

6. Chavez: (about Billy) The villagers say he's diablero, can change into a coyote, disappear, never gets killed. Me? I just think he's the luckiest white-eye in New Mexico.

7. Garrett: I've shot everything in the world 'cept you and you still wouldn't go below. This hurts, Kid, but I'm in a place I can't get out of.

8. Tom: What's "scum"?
Billy: Well, Tom, that's bad types. Politicians, bankers, cattle kings...scum.

9. Ash: Garrett! Get me off this animal! I have to have a movement!

10. Doc: You rode a 15-year-old boy straight into his grave and the rest of us straight to hell. Straight to hell. William H. Bonney, you...are not...a god.
Billy: Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?

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