Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Justified: "Sounding"

Ava has gotten even more squirrelly and wants to leave Harlan County, Boyd, and Raylan far behind. She went to Noble's Holler asking for Limehouse's help to disappear, even offering up her engagement ring as payment. Limehouse didn't take her up on the offer. Raylan had a come-to-Jesus with his informant, telling her that unless she cooperates and gives the Marshals intel to use against Boyd, she's going right back to prison. The episode also answered the question of what Ava's maiden name was: Randolph.

One of the more disappointing moments in this episode, at least for me, concerned fan favorite character Bob Sweeney (Patton Oswalt). Last week's trailer showed him in a nicer uniform driving a shiny new car; I was hoping that meant he'd achieved his dream of becoming Trooper Bob. Alas, he's still a constable, just pawned some of his stuff to get new toys. However, it is still perilous to underestimate Bob, as one of Limehouse's henchmen found out when he got a Taser shot to the nether regions.

Bob isn't the only one using electricity as a persuasive technique; Wynn Duffy used a cattle prod on a crooked prison guard who was fired after attempting to sexually assault Ava. Rachel and Tim are presumably trying to use that guard Feekus (sp?) to get information on Duffy and his connection to Markum and Katherine.

Boyd is still no closer to finding the right explosives expert to crack the safe at the pizza parlor. The one he hired this week succeeded in making something go boom, but probably lost his hearing in the process.

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