Sunday, October 7, 2012

Top 10 Quotes: "Remember the Titans"

This coming Saturday (October 13th) is my college's homecoming, which has put me in a football kind of mood. My favorite football movie is Disney's Remember the Titans, so I'm reposting this entry from my blog's previous incarnations.

  1. Blue: (reacting to Alan's country music) Does the term "cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you?
  2. Coach Yoast: There's a fine line between tough and crazy and you're flirtin' with it.
  3. Julius: Attitude reflects leadership.
  4. Louie: I'm roomin' with Blue, sir, and I noticed that he wears those leopard-spotted underwears. Bikini-style, sir!
  5. Coach Boone: You will wear a jacket, shirt, and tie. If you don't have one, buy one. If you can't afford one, then borrow one from your old man. If you don't have an old man, find a drunk and trade him for his.
  6. Coach Yoast: This is a time for reflection and for prayer...
    Gerry: Coach. I'm hurt. I ain't dead.
  7. Sheryl: I hate playin' with dolls.
    Nicky: I'm not playing. I'm accessorizing.
  8. Blue: Coach, we need a water break. We been out here all day.
    Coach Boone: Oh, you need a water break? Water is for cowards. Water makes you weak. Water is for washin' blood off that uniform and you don't get no blood on my uniform. Boy, you must be outside yo' mind!
  9. Coach Yoast: We want them to remember forever the night they played the Titans.
  10. Coach Boone: We're gonna take a little run through the woods. If you get lost along the way, don't bother comin' back to camp. Just hitchhike your hindparts on home.

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