Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Truth Is (Definitely) Out There

I've been needing a new TV show in my life after binge-watching the entire run of Scrubs and The Shield. A friend recommended The X-Files, which I didn't expect to enjoy. Those so-called alien documentaries on the History Channel make me laugh and roll my eyes. However, I've made it to the Season 2 premiere and doubt I will be slowing down anytime soon. Here a few random thoughts/observations:

  • Way back in 1994/1995, the writers definitely knew about David Duchovny's sex addiction. There are too many sexually charged lines and jokes for that to be an accident.
  • Every episode is a fun game of Hey, It's That Guy! So far, I've seen Crowley the King of Hell, Darby from SoA, Arlo Givens, Percy Wetmore, and the school bully from Andre.
  • Scully and Mulder need to kiss already.
  • What the hell did Mulder tell his parents way back when his sister was abducted by aliens? I mean, he was babysitting her at the time.
  • The theme song sounds like Autotuned whistling.
  • Seriously, what's up with the screaming/melting face in the opening credits? And are those wiggly things snails or space worms?
You wouldn't think a show where every episode can be summed up with the following exchange could be so entertaining:

Mulder: It's aliens, Scully!
Scully: No, it's not, Mulder, don't be ridiculous! [later] Yep, you were right.

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